Yes, Plus-Project Partnership has invested in our own cyber certified, fully audited, computer systems.  Supported by a SAS Gold partner and our internal team of technical experts, our systems can be used to report clinical trials at least as effectively as our competitors.  We are happy to perform work on our own systems, customers’ systems, or a combination of both.


Plus-Project Partnership believes that our employees must be treated fairly and should share the benefits of our success. After extensive research we concluded that the best way to achieve this was to adopt an ownership model accessible to all employees equally. We believe this decision will have considerable benefits to our staff, our customers and the existing management team.

Plus-Project Partnership offers a competitive base salary package with both Christmas and Summer bonuses. The UK government provides a tax break to EOT employees with the first £3,600 of any bonuses free of income tax. In addition, Plus-Project Partnership operates Employee Engagement Meetings with employees able to propose a wide range of benefits and changes in working practices. In a nutshell, this means our employees are listened to, receive good wages, outstanding bonuses and a customised benefits package.

Since becoming an EOT Plus-Project has trebled headcount whilst maintaining a a near zero staff attrition rate.  This ability to recruit and retain staff provides customers with stable, quality teams.  There is significant evidence that companies operating an EOT model have class-leading levels of service. The sense of ownership and opportunity that is available to all employees heightens dedication and commitment to our customers. In addition, EOTs reward employees through payment of wages and bonuses rather than dividends. Hence, all wages and benefits are subject to UK PAYE and Plus-Project Partnership has no issue with IR35. Plus-Project Partnership can therefore provide outstanding teams at rates often better then freelancers.

Implementing an EOT does not mean that all decisions must be approved by their employees. Businesses can continue to operate as usual so Management Teams can still make decisions without approval from employees. However, EOTs have mandatory requirements and qualifying criteria that guarantee consideration of employees’ interests.  Structures are put in place to ensure appropriate processes are followed. Employees are not forced to take any interest in the EOT so can continue without any change in their day to day working life. Usually employees enjoy being involved with appropriate decisions and every employee will be interested in the regular financial updates as these effect their benefits.

An EOT is a government preferred employment model with cross party support. Originally approved by Sir Vince Cable this has widespread support from all UK political parties.

Plus-Project can be sold but there are two key differentials to other CRO sales;  First, any sale must be approved by the Trustees and be in the interest of the employees.  Second; if a sale is agreed the employees would receive an equitable share of the profits.

Plus-Project employees will never be surprised by a sale announcement.  If a sale is agreed, Plus-Project’s employees would be handsomely rewarded.


We want to hear from new talent and welcome applications from all backgrounds. If you have the skills and experience that match one of the vacancies listed on our Careers page please complete the form and attach the latest version of your CV. Let us know how you would complement our team.

We offer a modern benefits package enabling new employees to select options to suit their circumstances. Permanent employees receive pension, private health, and life cover. We are happy to discuss flexible work patterns and have a range of salary sacrifice options including gym membership, nursery placements, and electric vehicles. Learn more about our benefits here.

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering MSc apprenticeships from 2024. Please contact us Careers@plus.project.co.uk.

There is not a set route into becoming a statistician or programmer although studying mathematics, statistics, or other STEM subjects at A level and BSc is the traditional route. However, we have a highly skilled and talented team which includes members who have studied a range of subjects. Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more.

We are committed to engaging young people in a future career in the biostatistics industry. Please monitor our LinkedIn page for announcements about upcoming careers fairs at universities.

We are happy to connect with schools and colleges who are seeking to inspire students about STEM subjects or in providing career goals. Please contact sustainability@plus-project.co.uk if you would like to discuss the possibility of a presentation in your school assembly, careers fair, or even an interactive session in your science or maths class.


Achieving Net Zero is a journey and at Plus-Project our priority is to reduce and eradicate our Type 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and only offset where necessary. We are working with Positive Planet on our Net Zero journey and have a Net Zero action plan to provide focus for our journey to 1.5°C by 2030.

We embarked on our ESG journey in 2022 by developing a training plan for our employees.  We have been assessed by EcoVadis and are proud to have received a Bronze Medal in 2022 and a Silver Medal in 2023. Focusing on Environmental, Ethics, Labor & Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement we are working on our targets, measures, and reporting. Learn more about our progress, goals, and achievements on our Sustainability page (coming soon).